New Realities Foundation



Founder's Profile


 I was born and educated in Uganda. I left Uganda in the 1980's and moved to Kenya to advance my vocation as a Sister of the Grace and Compassion Benedictines. This role brought me to England in the 1990s. I left the Order in 1997, married the following year, and raised children.

My life experience has been in the care of the poor, elderly and marginalised in Africa and England. I have direct personal experience of the hardships that discrimination and exclusion inflict upon the individual. I have spent my life in ministering to the excluded, to bring them succour and support from the prejudice and discrimination that they experience in society. I have been directly involved in the work of HIV charities, the elderly, children with special needs, and their families, including the lone and isolated. Broadly, my life has been about combating discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion by encouraging the individual, family and community to be inclusive of the difference and diversity of all God's children. It is the furtherance of this work which has prompted me to form the New Realities Foundation.